Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Apple will soon introduce its device for virtual reality


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Apple’s board of directors got an insight into the early version of the completely new device, which the company has been developing for several years.

While in the time of Steve Jobs, there was a vow of silence around Apple and information from the company about future products leaked to the public “by the spoonful”, today the situation is completely different. Not only do we know today what the iPhone will look like and what options it will have in September, but we also know the plans for the iPhone 15 and the foldable iPhone.

Also, two completely new products are known, the development of which the company is working on, and which could be of great importance for the future of Apple.

These are smart glasses, ie a “headset” device with support for AR and VR, as well as an electric car. New information released by the technology media these days suggests that Apple is not that far from introducing AR / VR devices.


The device was recently presented to the company’s board of directors, which analysts consider a sign that the day of its official presentation is approaching. The next Apple conference is in the first half of June (WWDC) and we may find out some details about Apple Glasses, or whatever the name of that device is. As they point out at Bloomberg, it is not uncommon for the board to sometimes gain insight into the early development of new products. Since their role is advisory, they must also be familiar with insider information.

So far, we have read various information about Apple AR / VR devices, and it indicates that the model presented to the board has three high-resolution screens (one is external), numerous sensors that will monitor the environment and movements, and will be based on a processor similar to the M1 chip. The prices have not been discussed yet, but it is clear that this device will not be cheap, so it will probably be necessary to set aside a larger amount of money for it.

In addition to the device itself, the latest information mentions that Apple has accelerated the development of rOS, the operating system that will run such devices for augmented and virtual reality.







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