Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Apple will make its own 5G modem

Some would say that Apple is taking another step towards reducing dependence on others


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Apple is one of the few companies that produces a significant part of the essential components of the phone. However, some components companies have to order from other manufacturers, such as the phone screen, 5G modem for the Bionic chip, etc. But the thing with the 5G modem could soon change.

Apple is preparing to present the iPhone 14 series in the fall of this year. And while all eyes are on this event, interesting information about the iPhone 15 series is now arriving. Namely, it is reported that Apple will use its own 5G modem on iPhone 15 models next year.

The Cupertino-based giant has published a job ad, which includes 140 open positions for the development and integration of smartphone modem chips. The ad was published in San Diego, the headquarters of Qualcomm, the company that produces 5G modems for Apple’s Bionic chips.

Qualcomm currently supplies all 5G modems for iPhone models, but last year the CEO of this company stated that he expects that in 2023 the percentage of 5G modems that will be delivered for iPhone to Apple will be only 20%.


Of course, using your own 5G modem will bring great benefits to Apple, especially in terms of reducing dependence on other companies. On the other hand, it will also save money.

Another important thing is that Apple will now be able to integrate a modem into the chip that it produces, which it will also produce itself, which means that it will be able to significantly adapt the 5G modem to its Bionic chip.

So in fact the 5G modem that arrives on the iPhone 15 series and future generations could be significantly more efficient because it is tailored to a specific chip.







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