Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Apple Watch 8 could support body temperature measurement, but…


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Apple considered shipping the Apple Watch Series 7 with body temperature measurement features, but couldn’t optimize the algorithm. Now it seems that the Apple Watch Series 8 could have this sensor and an optimized algorithm.

According to esteemed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple dropped the body temperature measurement feature for the Apple Watch 7 last year because the algorithm did not qualify before the EVT phase began. Kuo believes the Apple Watch 8 will be able to measure body temperature in 2H22 if the algorithm meets Apple’s stringent requirements before mass production.

Kuo’s report isn’t the first to reveal this, and the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg also reported that Apple’s upcoming watch could feature a body temperature sensor.

Kuo explained that the problem with adopting accurate body temperature measurements is that skin temperature varies rapidly based on external stimuli. As for the hardware, the watch cannot reliably measure the temperature precisely because of its location, ie due to the mentioned variation in the temperature of the skin on the hand, so it must rely on a good algorithm to accurately read body temperature.


Samsung is also facing the same problem as Apple. Some previous reports have suggested that the Galaxy Watch 5 could be introduced with a thermometer, but Kuo believes otherwise. He says the South Korean tech giant is still lagging behind with its algorithm, so it’s unlikely his next watch will include this feature.

In addition to measuring body temperature, the Apple Watch Series 8 could come with a new S8 SoC and better sleep tracking features, including the ability to detect advanced sleep patterns and sleep apnea. The new Apple Watch is also expected to have the same screen size as its predecessor.







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