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Apple wants to turn iPad into MacBook


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Apple wants to turn the iPad into a laptop and compete with its MacBook.

As much as he is afraid of some things, the American giant wants to prove to himself (and others) that he can always go one step further. Therefore, this article sounds quite futuristic and unrealistic.

First of all, let’s remember that we wrote that Apple is still considering whether to introduce a “folding iPhone” to the market, and on the other hand, they want to take the use of the iPad tablets to a new level.

This patent aims to prove that the iPad tablet can be easily “converted” into a MacBook laptop and vice versa. In essence, this is nothing new and has never been seen before, but it is an external keyboard that hinges inside to use (fold) the iPad tablet when it is not in use or open when you want to use it.


The photo showing the patent in the visual edition clearly shows a hinge that can be folded at several different angles (degrees), something like we had the opportunity to see on Lenovo Yoga hybrids that are half laptops and half tablets.

Apple Patent
Source: Apple

This is only at the level of patent law for now, and we are sure that it will be a long time before this keyboard as an accessory is available over the counter for specific models of iPad tablets.

Recently, Apple analysts said that the company should introduce a “Pro” mode or a campaign to bring iPad hardware closer to existing MacBook users.

This only indicates that now that iPad has an M1 chipset, Apple wants to further “push” it within its ranks and, later on in the Android market, switch from Android tablets to iPad and iPad OS platform.

It is unknown whether such a “Pro” way of promotion will require any additional correction of the iPad OS system itself or will remain essentially as it is now.

We think this is a “competition” between the internal Apple ranks, i.e., the iPad and MacBook camps. Significantly when sales and demand for iPads fell at a percentage of 2.2% annually, this is undoubtedly not data that can be easily ignored.

Whether this “Pro” promotion mode and the accompanying external keyboard for all iPad models behind the M1 chipset will boost iPad tablet sales again remains to be seen.

We can say that Apple is paying attention to something that is “less important,” and on the other hand, there are still doubts about the arrival of the foldable iPhone smartphone.








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