Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Apple Maps is not yet available in all regions


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We will say right at the beginning how this information surprised us, to say the least, and left us speechless. It sounds rather unusual (and extremely illogical) that Apple has not made its current Apple Maps available in all regions (countries) where iPhone smartphones are available.

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Now we are going to get a little “more significant” to the core of the problem and let’s say that with the introduction of the iOS 12 mobile platforms, the U.S. giant introduced a completely new (redesigned) Apple Maps.

We are especially surprised that three years have passed since the arrival and availability of the iOS 12 platform, and now iOS 15 is up to date. Although iOS 15 is available for all iPhone smartphones, some features (services) such as Apple Maps still use the version from iOS 12 number plates of this mobile operating platform.


One of these countries is Germany, where despite the possibility of using iOS 15, Apple Maps still relies on a system of “work” and data processing dating back to iOS 12.

It is not known why Apple decided to leave it like that for a full three years, but now we can freely say that with the available upgrade, Apple Maps is also current with other services that come within iOS 15.

Apart from Germany, another country that uses Apple Maps in its current potential and is Singapore. Singapore is, among other things, the first country on the Asian continent to use the current Apple Maps system.

Let’s also say that the “new” Maps bring a much better way of working (fewer problems in work) as well as 3D orientation, better display of buildings, parks, airports, and shopping malls.

In addition to the above, there is more significant road coverage, and improved (and better) navigation, but it also brings a new feature “Look Around”. Let’s say that since its arrival, the “new” Apple Maps cover a total of 18.4% of the Earth’s landmass and provide coverage of 8.5% of the world’s population, more precisely, it is a figure of 673 million inhabitants.

Although the Apple Maps service became available in 2018, Apple began the data collection process as far back as 2014, eight years ago.

Apple states that after the availability of “new” Maps, the process continues and it is the turn of other regions (countries) that still use the version of Maps from iOS 12. The next region (country) on the list of current versions are France and Monaco and we are sure that after them the process goes one step further.







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