Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Apple is working on a new MacBook Air


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Apple doesn’t seem to be stopping, as we’ve heard of the development of the new Apple MacBook Air. So, there is the new Apple Mac Studio, the latest Mac Pro is expected by the end of the year, the iPhone on a monthly subscription (rumor) and now there are more new products.

According to 9to5Mac, this company runs on a MacBook Air 15 inches. According to the information that is currently available, this laptop should appear next year, along with another very popular portable device – the basic Apple iPad.

Display Supply Chain Consultants has included in its quarterly report some of the information that leads to the conclusion of what we can expect from Apple in the coming period. Although these documents are not for the public, analyst Ross Young, who deals with the activities of the DSCC company, presented some of his own conclusions.

According to him, a laptop with a diagonal of 15 inches is being prepared, which should be the new Apple MacBook Air. Also, according to the information analyzed by the company, Apple plans to increase the screen diagonal of the smaller representative of the MacBook Air series from the current 13 inches to 14 inches. Finally, it seems that the screen on the upcoming base iPad will be larger than the current 10.2 inches.


So far, the MBA has been a smaller representative of this company’s range of laptops with its 13.3-inch screen diagonal. The main advantages, in addition to a quality M1 chip solution, are lightweight, slim profile, and modern industrial design.

Now, enlarging the screen too, as it is currently stated, 15 inches, represents a significant change. The larger screen brings more and clearer workspace, while on the other hand, it can affect the weight and profile of this device.

Finally, the question arises as to what the hardware of this device will be like and how Apple will differentiate it from its MacBook Pro series of computers. So far, the company has avoided offering more for the same money, but we can hope that the new devices, especially the iPad and MacBook Air, may change that. But this is still one big one maybe.







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