Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Apple is making great progress in conserving nature

Recently, Apple has been actively committed to nature conservation and sustainable development. Unfortunately, this policy also partly affects customers (by throwing out chargers and headphones).


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Apple has published new details about caring for nature, specifically about the use of recycled materials in its products and the path to complete carbon neutrality, which should be achieved by 2030.

In addition, the company introduced certified recycled gold and doubled the use of recycled tungsten, cobalt, and other relatively rare elements.

According to the 2022 Environmental Progress Report, nearly 20% of recycled materials were used in Apple products through 2021, the largest use of recycled content in the company’s history.

According to the report, as much as 59% of all aluminum components shipped by Apple in its products came from recycled sources. Apple has also made progress towards the goal of eliminating plastics from the packaging by 2025, and it is stated that plastics accounted for only 4% of packaging in 2021, a decrease of 75% compared to 2015.


4% of the plastic in the packaging may not seem like much, but consider the number of products that Apple sells so that 4% turns into thousands of tons of plastic very quickly.

The company also highlights some other achievements, such as the use of:

  • 4% certified recycled rare elements
  • 30% certified recycled tin – an element used in the production of motherboards of all new iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices
  • 13% certified recycled cobalt – an element used in iPhone batteries
  • Certified recycled gold – I believe that everyone knows that gold as an element is the best conductor of electricity, and therefore it is used in almost all devices, especially in smartphones where it is necessary to make microscopic connections. Certified recycled gold was first used in the iPhone 13 series, and since gold is one of the easiest materials to recycle, I believe this type of gold will be used in future iPhone series as well.








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