Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Apple is interested in creating their own gaming console

Apple has expressed interest in increasing its presence in the gaming market several times.


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The company’s latest move in this direction is Apple Arcade – a subscription service that offers a library of “premium” iOS games. Apple could now show interest in the console market again, and the company is reportedly researching the idea of announcing its own gaming system.

In January, we learned that Apple had hired certain engineers from the Xbox team, with the goal of creating some kind of console. Now rumors mention that the company consulted with hardware developers and creators in order to gather information on creating a gaming console, or turning an Apple TV device into a console.

Allegedly, Ubisoft and Capcom have been active in offering advice to Apple when it comes to the gaming market. Both publishers have previously been active in the cloud gaming sectors, but Apple seems to be interested in specific hardware rather than streaming gaming services.

Apple is constantly investing in expensive research and development programs, but not everything leads to the final, commercial product. It remains to be seen how the project with the Apple console will develop in the coming period.








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