Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Apple is already reducing production of the iPhone SE


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Apple has become accustomed to success, it seems, all the time, but it also seems that the initial dissatisfaction of even the most loyal users with the latest iPhone SE was still stronger than expected.

To remind you, the new Apple iPhone SE was introduced in March, in the same chassis as the previous SE model. So, the case of a phone many, many years old, the iPhone 8. Next, there is the same, insufficient quality display of 4.7 inches and a resolution of only 750×1334. The bright spots are a quality 12MP camera, the same as the iPhone 13 model, as well as a quality A15 Bionic chipset.

However, they did not seem to be bright enough to entice potential users to buy this device. Simply put, users want more for as little money as possible, and Apple didn’t make it this time. Not even close. According to Nikkei Asia, Apple will reduce the amount of iPhone SE devices by approximately 20 percent in the next quarter of this year.

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who presented the exact figures, Apple plans to sell between 15 and 20 million iPhone SE devices by 2022, which is much less than the initial estimates and plans of 25 to 30 million mobile devices. According to these allegations, the reduction in production is between 20 and 66 percent.



Most interestingly, this reduction most likely has nothing to do with potential supply chain problems. The current “lockdown” in Shanghai has not affected the production of these devices, but it simply seems that fewer and fewer users want to buy such a device.

Other factors that may affect this situation for Apple include rising prices for petroleum products, which significantly affect consumer power, especially in the United States. This, combined with a $30 higher price, could contribute to lower demand at the moment.

However, all this can only serve as a kind of justification for a partial failure with this mobile device. 20 million devices sold in one year is a lot, but that number is relative, especially for a giant like Apple certainly is. We can only hope that this, although a small patch, will serve as an indicator of a slight change of direction in a slightly better direction, and to the delight of users.






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