Saturday, September 30, 2023

Apple has security problems?


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During the previous period, Apple faced a “zero-day” security problem that affected the company’s numerous platforms, including macOS, watchOS and tvOS.

An emergency patch has been released for Apple devices, which run under the operating systems affected by the problem. Owners of each of these devices should check for a new version of the operating system and make the appropriate updates.

One of the major CVEs (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure) affects all devices and is described as CVE-2022-22675. CVE-2022-22674 is documented on macOS devices. Both CVEs can create memory errors and enable kernel-level code execution.

The vulnerability at the kernel level effectively allows access to almost everything on the device. So this is very bad news for users who have no update and are exposed to vulnerabilities.


Users are advised to upgrade the device to the following versions of operating systems:

If they are on these versions, the vulnerability is then fixed. although specific vulnerabilities have not been mentioned for Monterrey 12.4, it is believed that a patch has been released for this software version as well, or that version of the operating system is not infected.

It is obvious that Macs can become infected with viruses or malware, despite the fact that Apple claims that this is not possible in its marketing campaigns.







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