Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Apple has problems with production of components for iPhone 14?


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It seems that Apple is once again having a problem with the production of components for the iPhone 14, so it wants to become independent and not be dependent on others.

When you simply have everything but again you want to be special in the hope that you will succeed and that very desire will ruin you. This is exactly what is happening to the American technology giant Apple when it comes to screens for the upcoming series of iPhone 14 smartphones.

Remember when we wrote on our website on several occasions that Apple wants to “become independent” and that it no longer wants to be dependent on the production of screens by Samsung and LG?

Now it seems like they’ve had a good time. Namely, Apple has been working for a long time (has cooperation) with the Chinese screen manufacturer Beijing Oriental Electronics (BOE), which simply “listens” to them, and Apple certainly respects and responds to them.


Apple assigned the production of the screen for the iPhone SE 2022 to the BOE manufacturer only to now clearly show how it was a mistake. The mistake was that BOE could not work on the production of the screen for the iPhone SE 2022 and Apple now also wants BOE to be involved in the production process of the screen for the iPhone 14 models as well.

This is certainly not a small number, but BOE has the task of producing 30 million screens for iPhone 14 models (it is not known whether they are Pro or ordinary models, but it is to be believed that Apple will leave Pro models to more experienced ones).

We also find out that the BOE manufacturer was also engaged in the production of panels for the iPhone 13, but since February this year it has been abrupt and discontinued, which is the exact reason for that and it is not very well known.

Furthermore, Apple wants to completely move away from all the manufacturers that work on its parts for iPhone smartphones, we primarily mean Samsung and LG, which are in charge of the production of screens.

Hoping that everything would be fine, he gave the job to the BOE manufacturer, but he was obviously a little mistaken. Now, however, Samsung will have to organize to produce a certain amount of screens for iPhone 14 because BOE is not capable of producing so many screens (panels) and at the same time working on screens for iPhone 14 and iPhone SE 2022.

We hope that this whole mess will end well and have a happy ending and that there will be no difficulties in delivering (coming to market) iPhone SE 2022 and iPhone 14 models.







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