Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Android 12L arrives today


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Android 12L, above all an unexpected upgrade for Android, will arrive today on a large number of current Google Pixel phones, as well as on those from previous generations.

But why is this a surprise and how come not everyone knew that Google was launching a new Android? For many years, Google has been focusing on releasing major upgrades for its Android operating system. In addition to these major system upgrades, Google is also working to fix bugs in its monthly security patches.

However, all this, no matter how important for their security, does not arouse the same level of interest among users as a completely new operating system. It seems to us that Android 12 came out yesterday, and Google has already cooked one mild soup upgrade to warm us up in this cold weather. After months of testing, the Android 12L is ready.

Here are some of the changes Google introduced:

  • The setting of the various screens within the system is now optimized for display on large screens through the use of two pillars with information in horizontal usage, which is immediately noticeable by swiping your finger from the top of the screen and calling up the taskbar.
  • Another big upgrade is the improved support for split-screen, ie split-screen mode with two applications in parallel. Now, users are free to draw a dividing line in the middle of the screen and adjust the space usage ratio of the two apps to suit them.
    Various minor improvements, such as better optimization of the use of applications made only for portrait or portrait mode use of the device, as well as new gestures for viewing various notifications.



This operating system upgrade brings changes to optimize the user interface for big-screen devices, such as tablets and foldable phones, as well as minor improvements to other devices in the current Google mobile setting.






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