Tuesday, October 26, 2021

An iMac with an Apple chip could have a display larger than 27 inches

The largest computer, which Apple currently offers, is a 27-inch iMac (not counting the 32-inch Pro Display XDR that can connect to other Macs). That could change in the future, according to reporter @ l0vetodream, who points out that Apple will introduce an even bigger iMac.

We already know that Apple is developing new iMacs with its own Apple Silicon chipset, and rumors suggest that the company will implement a new design. The latest information indicates that Apple will replace the 27-inch model with a version with an even bigger screen, but the exact size is not known.


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It would not be a surprise if this iMac had a screen similar in size to the Pro Display XDR model. Besides, rumors mention that Apple could introduce more color options for the new iMac, as well as that it could shut down the 21.5-inch line and focus on the 24-inch model.

The Apple event is expected later in April when we will probably find out more details about the company’s plans when it comes to the iMac line of computers.

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