Saturday, March 25, 2023

AMD Ryzen 7000 ‘Raphael’ processors could have an RDNA 2 GPU


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An alleged AMD roadmap appeared in August last year, listing several new architectures, such as Warhol and Cezanne. Over time, these names became official, which was confirmed by last year’s leaked information.


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Now, this release plan has been updated and we have details about the “Raphael” series of Ryzen processors, which should have Zen 4 CPU cores and RDNA 2 graphics.


AMD road map
AMD road map


The confirmation comes from the @sepeuwmjh leaker, which also adds that the Raphael SKUs will have the expected Zen 4 core CPU architecture, based on a 5nm process, as well as a Navi 2x (RDNA 2), integrated graphics processor.




If Raphael implements the iGPU, this means that future Ryzen models could also have integrated graphics cards, eliminating the need for an assigned line of APUs from the Ryzen G series. Another change in the roadmap is the update of AMD “Warhol” processors, which are no longer based on 7nm technology but now use 6nm.


For now, everything is stated in the domain of rumors, because AMD has not officially confirmed anything yet, and it remains to be seen whether these allegations will come true.






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