Thursday, May 25, 2023

A gaming bed? Yes!

Passionate gamers are very careful about the equipment and hardware they use and it is relatively easy for them to get the best computer and console, or to decorate a room. For furniture, there is the Bauhutte company.


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The Japanese company Bauhutte, which manufactures gaming equipment, has once again launched an interesting product on the market. It is an adjustable bed, intended for gamers.

Gaming bed Bauhutte
Source: Bauhutte

This system allows gamers to spend most days in front of the monitor, go to sleep and wake up in the same place and be ready for the next level, boss, or adventure in the game.

The name of the bed is “The Electric Gaming Bed”, and in addition to the bed, there are various accessories, such as storage space for clothes, shelves for energy drinks, and other elements.

Gaming bed Bauhutte
Source: Bauhutte

Bauhutte says the bed measures 94 x 199 x 13.8 to 28.5 centimeters and weighs 37.9 kilograms. The suggested price of the bed, which is sold in Japan, is around 1130 dollars.








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