100th Firefox version is available


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Somehow, Mozilla with its Firefox browser has a place in our hearts. It is simply the most serious competition to Google’s extremely popular solution, as well as Microsoft’s somewhat less popular solution. Honestly, it’s always nice to see when someone seemingly small can be a quality counterpart to the solutions of much more powerful companies.

That’s why we are sincerely looking forward to the fact that Mozilla Firefox, the killer of Internet Explorer, has experienced its jubilee, 100th version.

This version of the popular browser is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems on personal computers, as well as for Android and iOS operating systems on mobile devices. As for the version PC, it brings two important improvements.

There’s an upgrade to the picture-in-picture mode that was first introduced to the public three years ago.


Users can place a video window overall tabs that are open within Mozilla Firefox and freely change the active window while the video remains open over all other windows at all times. Now, Mozilla has improved subtitles within this window to play video content, so they will be available on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Coursera, and Twitter. In addition, the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser optimizes the size of fields for scrolled web pages within Linux and Windows 11 operating systems.

Really, a huge jubilee for this search engine and this company. It all started in 2004 when Firefox 1.0 appeared. During the first year, this browser was downloaded more than 100 million times, while in 2011 it contributed to the decline of Internet Explorer.

Now, the situation for Mozilla Firefox is a bit different, so this browser is slowly losing the battle with the much more popular Google Chrome browser. For us, Mozilla has always been an unavoidable player, so we can only wish them 100 more releases. Well, I guess we won’t let chromium eat our working memory forever.







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