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100 million fake reviews removed from Google Maps last year

The numbers are huge.


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A few weeks ago, Google explained how it controls reviews on its main navigation platform. Combining advanced artificial intelligence features with people manually reviewing fake Google Maps reviews, the company is said to be trying to offer a secure experience within the app.

New report
Google is now back with a new report detailing the various actions the company launched last year to protect Google Maps users from malicious content that could spread through reviews.

Reviews are an integral part of Google Maps and can serve you well, especially if you’re traveling. They show the opinions of other customers and allow you to rate a place yourself after visiting it.

Google Maps Review System
The Google Maps review system can be easily abused

But this review mechanism can easily be abused, from artificially raising a company’s rating, by “bombarding” it with malicious reviews, to posting all sorts of harmful content. To prevent this, Google’s advanced review management system comes into play, which, the company claims, detects, and stops abuses.


Google has provided insight into various statistics on anti-abuse of Google Maps views. The company reveals that it receives about 20 million contributions from Ticket users every day.

Offensive reviews make up less than 1% of the content viewed on the platform, says Google, which listed various types of malicious reviews or edits of Google Maps that the company blocked last year.

Huge numbers
Artificial intelligence has uncovered more than 100 million business information edits. 7 million fake business profiles were detected, and users reported more than 630,000 such profiles themselves. In addition, 12 million attempts to create fake business profiles were detected. Last year, more than 95 million violations of the rules were recorded, including 60,000 crimes related to the current pandemic.

Suspicious activities
Users reported more than a million reviews directly to Google, and more than 190 million photos and five million videos were detected that were blurry, of poor quality, or violated content policies.

In addition, the report says, Google has disabled one million accounts involved in fraudulent Google Maps reviews and other policy-abiding activities. At the same time, they say, they protected 100,000 companies after discovering suspicious activities.

Of course, this does not mean that all fake Google Maps reviews on the platform have been identified. Fortunately, all questionable reviews can still be reported in order to reduce the amount of false and malicious information, they say at Google.







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